Travel with Montblanc


The Montblanc watch in London


The Montblanc wallet in Cotswold


The Montblanc suitcase in Liverpool


The Montblanc pen in Edinburgh

I was given 4 Montblanc’s products, which were watch, wallet, suitcase and pen to made this series of illustrations for Montblanc in Spring 2016.

I followed the concept of traveling (in the UK) with Montblanc to integrate each product into specific symbolic and characteristic cities in the UK. I chose London, Cotswold, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

At the first I have to present the character of each city, the Thames river based modern London, the beautiful flower blooming small town Cotswold, the hometown of Beatles’s yellow submarine Liverpool and the beautiful sunset view in Edinburgh. All of them were very impressive in my mind.

So I tried so hard to build up connections of the product and the environment I was drawing. I realized I was not bad to do so, it remind me some of my previous collage work I did before.

Overall, I enjoyed so much to do this project. Absolutely love it .