Award winning illustration-Jo Malone red rose perfume online campaign


‘She was born in a rich family and always had the dream of love fantasy.’


“The romance brought inspiration for her writing , she caller herself ”Red Rose’ in her own novel. “


‘When love has gone, something was remained, it was the fragrance of love.’

This series of collage illustrations brought me the third merit award in 3X3 International Illustration competition in 2016.

It was for Jo Malone red rose perfume online campaign in winter 2015. The concept of the campaign based on a Chinese novel ‘The Red Rose and the White Rose’ by Eileen Chang (Zhang Ailing”) . It was a heartbroken story about the relationship between 2 women with different characters and one man in early 20 century in Shanghai. The red rose represent the hottest one.

According to the emotional texts, I tried to present the love story in a vintage modern Chinese style which combined Chinese style with western, especially in Shanghai in the early 20 century. So I mixed vintage illustration and photos to match the vintage and touching feelings.