3 types of 90s generation of Chinese

Low moral principle. This image is presenting two elementary school students licking lollipops. The two lollipops represent a Chinese word 节操(Jie Cao),means ‘Moral principle’.


Loser. This image presenting an identity of Loser (屌丝, Diao Si) of Chinese young people. This Loser has special meaning, which means financially poor, non-ambition, low society status, querulous, and they made lots of fun from it.


Teasing and self-mockery. This kind of Chinese young people enjoy treating people and themselves with less respect and self-respect, they just want to have fun.

I drew this series of illustration for a special feature called ‘ Desconstruction and reconstruction: the new cultural movements of our time’ in The Chinese Weekly 2015 Dec issue.

In the new cultural movements of 2010s in China,desconstruction and reconstruction were very popular. There are 3 types of identities of 90s generation young Chinese, low moral principle, loser, teasing and self mockery. This movements is emerging not only on the internet, but also in real life in China.