China’s new empire builders

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China’s new empire builders (2015) – The CKGSB Knowledge magazine 2015 Fall issue.

I created this illustration for an article called ‘Chinese new empire builders ‘ in CKGSB Knowledge Magazine in 2015 Fall. It was an exciting experience, as I learned to not struggling with being someone others, but to believe myself and let the energy flow in my own way.

I was asked to make a strategic game alike landscape with all those new powerful Chinese companies around and occurred spaces in the commercial empire. I used to have the idea of entirely traditional Chinese painting styles with few tiny peoples do their jobs.

I did lots of research and tried lot to create the atmosphere of traditional Chinese painting with lots of struggling mainly from tools. I was in London at the moment and no where to buy Chinese brush and ink and paper to do work in that way, I only had the Wacom pen tablet, and I wanted to keep image in less ancient feeling like a strategic game. So I changed my mind. I gave up the entirely totally traditional Chinese painting idea, but to free my hand and mind to let the energy flow, in my own way.